PATTAYA COURSE (all 7 dishes) 2480 yen
2480 yen

※ + is available with a 120-minute all-you-can-drink at 1000 yen.

Courses are available in more than two persons.The list price is available price per person.120 minutes all you can drink in your +1000 yen of course your order is available.


1. mosquito Oguri turbocharger-up Kung (Shrimp crackers)

Crispy shrimp cracker

2. Popiaso (Shrimp & vegetables roll)

Raw spring rolls of vegetables and shrimp

3. Pakkubun (Stir fried water spinach)

Fried air-core greens

4. Gaisate (Grilled chicken with peanut sauce)

Thai chicken skewers (with peanut sauce)

5. Thai curry (Choice Thai curry (Green, Red, Yellow))

Green selection, red, than yellow

6. Rice (Rice)

Thai rice

7. dessert (Dessert)