THAI SPECIAL COURSE (9 items + 2 H all you can drink) 3480 yen (tax included)
3480 yen

The course is available for 2 people or more.The price shown is for one person only.Customers of course orders can use the all-you-can-drink service for 120 minutes.


1. Shaolin crunches (Shrimp crackers)

Crispy prawn shrimp cracker

2. Poppiaso or Popliasotto ("Shrimp & vegetables roll" or "Deep fried Thai spring roll")

"Spring roll of vegetables and shrimp" or "Fried shrimp and vegetable spring roll"

3. Spicy glass noodle and sea food salad

Dry shrimp and vegetable vermicelli salad

4. Tom yam kun soup

Shrimp's hot and sour habit

5. Phyarniumunensenpaponkari (Stir fried soft shell crab, egg glass noodled & egg with yellow curry)

Stir-fry curry with curry and vermicelli at curry

6. Grilled chicken with garlic sauce

Grilled chicken

7. Thai curry (Choice Thai curry (Green, Red, Yellow))

Select from green, red, yellow

8. Rice (Rice)

9. Dessert (Dessert)