INDIAN PREMIUM COURSE (all 8 dishes) 3480 yen
3480 yen

※ + is available with a 120-minute all-you-can-drink at 1000 yen.

Courses are available in more than two persons.The list price is available price per person.120 minutes all you can drink in your +1000 yen of course your order is available.


1. soup (Soup)

2. salad (Salad)

3. Grilled mushrooms (Grilled Mushroom)

4. mutton seek kebab (Mutton Sheek Kabab)

5. Tandoori Chicken Tikka (Tandoori Chcken Tikka)

6. Curry (Curry) 5 type of Please choose one you than curry

Butter Chicken (Butter Chicken)

· Katonkare (Mutton Curry)

· Qeema (Keema Curry)

Beans of curry (Daal Curry)

Mix vegetable curry (Mix Vegetable Curry)

7. Chizunan (Cheese Nan) & Butter Rice (Butter Rice)

8. dessert (Dessert) Kurufi (Kulfi)