ASIAN PREMIUM COURSE (7 items) 3480 yen (tax included)
3480 yen

The course is available for 2 people or more.The price shown is for one person only.For customers who ordered course, you can use additional ¥ 1,000 for 120 minutes with all you can drink.


1. Tom yam kun soup

Tom Yum Goong soup

2. Raw spring roll (Nama Harumaki)

Vegetable and raw shrimp roll spring roll

3. Mutton Shekhabab (Mutton Sheek Kabab)

Grilled meat with tandoori skewers

Chicken Thikka

Tandoori without boneless chicken skewers

4. Thai style fried noodle

Sprouts, Thai fried noodles with plenty of vegetables

5. Cheese Nan

Sesame, bread baked in tandoori with plenty of cheese

Please select one from [A · B · C]

A. Kaopagga Pao (stir fried chicken meat with rice & fried egg)

Fried basil with chili and rice with fried eggs

B. Indian curry (with rice) (Indian Curry)

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C. Kaopat Sapparo (Pineapple Rice)

Shrimp, chicken, cashew nuts vegetable mix tropical rice

[Dessert] Please choose one from A, B, C

A. Malai Kulfi

B. Mango Yogurut Pudding

C. Pistachio Malai Kheer